2 de janeiro de 2011

Izzie: It’s like it never happened.
Alex: But it did. You got cancer, we got married, you died and you lived again. And you left.. and you came back. We got through it. I got through it. I am on the other side. Iz, I love you so much and I.. until I met you, I used to think I just wasn’t a good guy. Growing up with my family, I mean, that’s what they told me. But now…after all of it, I know I’m a good man. And I thank you for that, because I know now that I’m good enough not to deserve this…not to have to feel like this, not to love you so much that I almost hate you. I deserve someone who will stay. I’m happy you’re okay. And I’m happy about your job. And I want you to go, and be happy and not come back.

Grey’s Anatomy
6.12 - I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked

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