2 de dezembro de 2010

Celine: The past is the past. It was meant to be that way.
    Jesse: What, you really believe that? That everything's fated?
    Celine: Well, you know, the world might be less free than we think.
    Jesse: Yeah?
    Celine: Yeah, when given these exact circumstances, that's what will happen every time: two part hydrogen, one part oxygen, you get water every time.
    Jesse: No, no, I - I - I mean what if your grandmother had lived a week longer, or, you know, or passed away a week earlier, days even. You know things might have been different. I believe that.
    Celine: You can't think like that, it's...
    Jesse: No, I mean, I know you shouldn't on most things, but - It's just, on this one it seemed like something was off, you know?

Conversation between Jesse and Celine - Before sunset

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