2 de novembro de 2010

Pacey: Ahoy! Anyone ashore?
Joey: What are you doing here? 
Pacey: Well, the damnest thing happened. I just got in Dawson's rowboat and it magically drifted to your dock.
Joey: Well, yeah, magically drift any closer and I'll kill you.
Pacey: I almost believe that.
Joey: He told you, didn't he? Didn't he?
Pacey: What do you think?
Joey: I think I hate you both.
Pacey: Well, then you’re really going to hate me when you hear what I have to say. He did the right thing. The two of you need to be apart now.
Joey: How would you know what I need?
Pacey: Yeah. You know, you're probably right. How could I know how hard it is to let somebody go? The pain of knowing that even though the two of you are right for each other, that doesn't necessarily mean you're right for each other right now. What would I know about that, right? How could I possibly know that sometimes you just… it makes you want to scream, hit somebody, sit out at the end of the dock and cry?
Joey: Of all the people to see me like this, it had to be you.
Pacey: You know, it's a new year. Who knows? You never know, you and me might even become friends.
Joey: Pacey, I'm upset enough as it is.
Pacey: Come here Potter
Pacey: Yeah.

O Pacey não é perfeito? Oh, I love him. 

From Like A Virgin - Dawson's Creek
Episode 301, originally aired September 29, 1999

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